FOUR-WALLS turns 20 this year and what a ride it has been!
But all 20 year olds need to evolve and grow. So we are going to back to our roots and focussing on art publishing with limited edition and original prints.   

The ethos remains the same; we continue to champion the best established and emerging artists from the South East of England, working closely with the artists we represent as well as searching for new and exciting talent.


The lovechild of contemporary lingo and emotional connection with colour, this is the first in a series of new art colour charts available as limited edition prints.

“Early in the first lockdown it occurred to me that much of the language we were all using ​sounded like fancy paint colours; ‘Furlough’ ,’Isolation’ , ’Distance’. The seed of an idea was planted but the situation felt too raw to act upon at the time.


Here we all are, months later, adapting, evolving and finding our way.  Over the last year the project has morphed and grown as well, through conversations and playfulness, into a range of limited edition prints, bespoke hand-painted samplers and large-scale canvases.


I don't think I'm alone in feeling a strange nostalgia for those early lockdown days.  As our collective reality changes and adjusts I hope this project prompts conversations and reflection, instigates a feeling of connection, or simply brings a little colour and humour into our lives. “    Lara Bowen,  Colourful Language.

Fancy indulging in some  Colourful Language?
Prints are available via the shop and you can find more information about the project via the button below ... 


If it's a painting you're craving to make your heart sing or a sculptural piece to add a new dimension to a favourite area then hop over to  our sister gallery Lara Bowen Contemporary.  

There you can browse the current collection and reserve works for approval or get in touch with Lara via the email link for art finding help or general art collecting advice.