Becky's work has always focused on the light and joy of living. Her paintings, filled with colour, aim to bring happiness through beautifully composed imagery.

Since graduating in 1994 she has exhibited regularly in the UK and Australia and has work in private and public collections around the world. 


In 2014, Becky was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Lupus. The following months saw her hospitalised, housebound, the impact to her joints leaving her unable to paint, the chronic pain rendering her unable to walk, eat and even sleep. Her work since then reflects Becky’s journey back to better health


“Though this work does not dwell in the suffering, it is imbued with a richer appreciation of happiness. Humbled by the insight of my experience, I feel so fortunate to be in better health. I now know how precious and fragile the balance of our lives is." 




We are very pleased to announce the release of this much loved image as an edition of 50 high quality giclee prints, hand finished with gold leaf by Becky Blair.


Print size: 70 x 82 cm 

Approximate framed size: 88 x 100 cm

Price: £700 unframed & £15 P&P

£970 hand framed with museum quality, non-reflective glass and delivered in the London / South East area. Other framing options and deliveries are available upon request.


We are now taking pre orders for delivery in April.


framed monoprint
65 x 48 cm
The Level
framed monoprint
60 x 60 cm
framed monoprint
40 x 50 cm
framed monoprint
65 x 48 cm
framed monoprint
40 x 50 cm
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The Phoenix is a group studio in the middle of Brighton and is home to many reputable professional artists.  Becky Blair's studio is on the top floor and flooded with crisp morning light from the wall to wall windows.

Becky has made a haven in her working space (the squidgy sofa is most welcome after the  anticipatory climb!).  Art books and plants and loved things and inspiration surround Becky as she works through her unique and much refined processes of painting. 

We have worked together for as long as I've been in the business, and been friends for a while longer,  so these studio visits are regular treats. Conversations here have a tendency to meander and divert and that's somehow reflective of Becky's work.  Her paintings are about humanity and friendship, about pausing in the moment and simply spending time and you can get wonderfully lost in them.

Becky studied in Cheltenham and soon after began travelling, spending quite some time in Australia. She still has a strong following there and returns regularly to exhibit her work. Australian influences can clearly be seen in her paintings  with the confident and clean colour palette and integral motifs  and  mark making. 

Becky's paintings begin with canvases lying flat on  floor.  Fluid  colour is painted, dripped and drawn in varying shapes and marks which create the underpainting for her unique style.   Becky has also recently been experimenting with mono-printmaking and this, in turn, has further inspired her painting process. She tells me how the planning necessary in printmaking has  particularly influenced how her compositions come about.

Whereas they used to evolve as she worked through her processes, Becky now has clearly formed ideas of the structure of the piece before she begins painting.  

When I visited Becky last month she was close to completing a  new collection of stunning works for our stand at Battersea Affordable Art  Fair which you can see in the slideshow and with full price and size info in the portfolio above.  


Seeing all the works together for the first time I was struck by their utter joyousness; the colours are  super uplifting  and the freedom in the compositions is so fresh.  They remind me of St Tropez and Matisse and fun times and sun times and that is just what we need!

You can read more about Becky and her practice in the fab blog below and see all her works in our gallery or  at forthcoming shows.


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