This collection is all about defining form. Like bare trees in winter when you can see the branches. Nothing in the way no distraction, revealing the architecture of the plants and the movement of their structure. Its the scaffolding that is the strength underneath; the bones.


"I’ve always loved tropical leaf shapes. They are unashamedly bold and exotic. Linear and sharp,  like green fireworks they punctuate the sky and evoke in me memories of holidays."

These spontaneous drawn studies are an extension of Shyama's daily sketchbook observations. Working from her garden studio amongst her own urban jungle. The planting has little to no rules. It has developed with an eclectic mixture of Banana and Tree Ferns all jostling for space next to Daises, St Johns Wort, Rhubarb, Palms,Yuccas and a huge Fatsia Japonica.

From the tall and tropical to the small and delicate all intwined in true jungle fashion, always inspiring with ever changing displays.

Nose Twister
oil on canvas
46 x 36 cm £480
oil on canvas
50 x 50 cm
Every Way Is Up
oil on canvas
50 x 70 cm
Mauris Insecta
Mixed Media Collage 22 x 18.5cm £120
Mauris + Insecta Papiliones x8
Mixed Media Collage 28 x 20 cm £180
Mauris + Insecta Papiliones x 9
Mixed Media Collage 28 x 20 cm £180
Mauris Papiliones x6
(BBL615#50) Mixed Media Collage 20 x 15 cm £120
Banana Palm Study
charcoal & oil on paper
60 x 104
Fan Palm Study
charcoal & oil on paper
60 x 108 cm
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