Born in New York, Suzy studied theatre and painting with scholarships in both Paris and New York. Though she continues to paint, for the past thirty years sculpture has become intrinsic to her art. 


“My works in clay are sculptural portraits of emotions drawn from my memory. The human figure, especially that of the youth, provide me with the flexibility through which these emotions can flow. For me a portrait could not be complete without a total bodily expression. Hair, ears, thumbs,  toes all remain important parts."


Suzy sculpts and paints with surprisingly simple gestures. Her instinctive balance of line and space produce uncompromising expressions of the emotions within and her works have an international appeal.


She lives and works in the French Alps, showing in exhibitions and galleries worldwide


glazed white teracottoa
Angel - front view
glazed white teracottoa
glazed white teracottoa
Girl Sitting on a Stone
Boy on the Edge
Before Summer
glazed white teracottoa
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Olympia (detail)

glazed white teracottoa